Paris Orly Airport Arrivals (ORY)

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Origin Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Istanbul (IST) Transavia TO3289 06:25 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Air Europa UX1025 (1) 06:25 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Aeromexico AM6936 06:25 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ352 06:30 Scheduled
Toulouse (TLS) easyJet U24848 06:35 Scheduled
Algiers (ALG) Hi Fly AH1006 06:40 Delayed
Dakhla (VIL) Royal Air Maroc AT622 06:40 Scheduled
Djerba (DJE) Tunisair TU654 06:45 Diverted
Marseille (MRS) Air France AF6011 06:45 Scheduled
NIce (NCE) easyJet U24864 06:45 Scheduled
Bristol (BRS) easyJet U27353 06:45 Scheduled
Palma Mallorca (PMI) Air Europa UX1297 (1) 06:50 Scheduled
Palma Mallorca (PMI) Azul Linhas Aereas AD7862 06:50 Scheduled
Porto (OPO) Vueling VY1986 (1) 06:50 Scheduled
Porto (OPO) Iberia IB5150 06:50 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) TAP Air Portugal TP436 (2) 06:55 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Azores Airlines S48920 06:55 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Azul Linhas Aereas AD7162 06:55 Scheduled
Djerba (DJE) Transavia TO8393 07:00 Scheduled
Tunis (TUN) Galistair Infinite Aviation TU722 07:00 Delayed
Porto (OPO) Transavia TO7617 07:05 Scheduled
Athens (ATH) Transavia TO3529 07:05 Delayed
Tenerife (TFS) Transavia TO4731 07:10 Delayed
Brive-La-Gaillarde (BVE) Amelia International 8R1928 (2) 07:10 Scheduled
Brive-La-Gaillarde (BVE) Air France AF4052 07:10 Scheduled
Brive-La-Gaillarde (BVE) Air France AF4052 07:10 Scheduled
Brive-La-Gaillarde (BVE) Amelia International 8R1928 (2) 07:10 Scheduled
Brive-La-Gaillarde (BVE) Air France AF4052 07:10 Scheduled
Brive-La-Gaillarde (BVE) Air France AF4052 07:10 Scheduled
NIce (NCE) Air France AF6229 07:15 Scheduled
Toulouse (TLS) Air France AF6131 07:20 Scheduled
Santorini (JTR) Transavia TO3559 07:20 Scheduled
Kerkyra (CFU) Transavia TO3545 07:20 Scheduled
Palermo (PMO) Transavia TO3817 07:20 18:56 Landed
Napoli (NAP) easyJet U24185 07:20 Scheduled
Castres (DCM) Chalair Aviation CE8105 (1) 07:25 Scheduled
Castres (DCM) Air France AF7043 07:25 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY8012 (3) 07:25 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Iberia IB5706 07:25 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) LATAM Airlines LA5799 07:25 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Qatar Airways QR3616 07:25 Scheduled
Aurillac (AUR) Chalair Aviation CE1505 (1) 07:25 Scheduled
Aurillac (AUR) Air France AF7029 07:25 Scheduled
Aurillac (AUR) Chalair Aviation CE1555 07:26 Scheduled
Rodez (RDZ) Amelia International 8R1217 (1) 07:30 Scheduled
Rodez (RDZ) Air France AF4029 07:30 Scheduled
Figari (FSC) Air Corsica XK754 (1) 07:30 Scheduled
Figari (FSC) Air France AF4780 07:30 Scheduled
Billund (BLL) DAT TO700 07:30 Scheduled
Monastir (MIR) Tunisair TU654 07:31 Delayed
Biarritz (BIQ) Transavia TO7017 07:35 Scheduled
Tangier (TNG) Transavia TO3079 07:45 Scheduled
Perpignan (PGF) Transavia TO7037 07:45 Scheduled
Toulouse (TLS) Air France AF6133 07:50 Scheduled
Antalya (AYT) Transavia TO3271 07:50 Scheduled
Funchal (FNC) Transavia TO7699 07:55 Scheduled
Tivat (TIV) Transavia TO4431 08:00 Scheduled
Lourdes Tarbes (LDE) Volotea V72182 08:05 Scheduled
Gudja (MLA) KM Malta Airlines KM466 (1) 08:05 Scheduled
Gudja (MLA) Air France AF3042 08:05 Scheduled
Montpellier (MPL) Transavia TO7137 08:05 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB3440 (3) 08:05 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) American Airlines AA8831 08:05 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Qatar Airways QR6988 08:05 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Vueling VY5145 08:05 Scheduled
Rabat (RBA) Transavia TO3039 08:10 Scheduled
Bari (BRI) Transavia TO3889 08:10 Scheduled
NIce (NCE) Air France AF6231 08:15 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) TAP Air Portugal TP438 (2) 08:15 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Azores Airlines S48922 08:15 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Azul Linhas Aereas AD7163 08:15 Scheduled
Agadir (AGA) Nouvelair AT664 08:20 Scheduled
Berlin (BER) easyJet U25153 08:20 Scheduled
Malaga (AGP) Vueling VY8174 (1) 08:25 Scheduled
Malaga (AGP) Iberia IB5729 08:25 Scheduled
Marrakech (RAK) Royal Air Maroc AT740 08:25 Scheduled
NIce (NCE) easyJet U21637 08:25 Scheduled
Faro (FAO) Transavia TO7679 08:30 Scheduled
Dublin (DUB) Transavia TO7909 08:35 Scheduled
Manises (VLC) Vueling VY8154 (1) 08:35 Scheduled
Manises (VLC) Iberia IB5722 08:35 Scheduled
Porto (OPO) Transavia TO7607 08:35 Scheduled
Florence (FLR) Vueling VY1504 (1) 08:35 Scheduled
Florence (FLR) Iberia IB5077 08:35 Scheduled
Geneva (GVA) easyJet U21341 08:40 Scheduled
Berlin (BER) Transavia TO3407 08:40 Scheduled
Ajaccio (AJA) Air Corsica XK776 (1) 08:45 Scheduled
Ajaccio (AJA) Air France AF4449 08:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Vueling VY6932 (3) 08:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Iberia IB5646 08:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) LATAM Airlines LA5890 08:45 Scheduled
Rome (FCO) Qatar Airways QR4680 08:45 Scheduled
Marseille (MRS) Air France AF6013 08:45 Scheduled
Bastia (BIA) Avion Express XK786 (1) 08:45 Scheduled
Bastia (BIA) Air France AF4461 08:45 Scheduled
Tunis (TUN) Tunisair TU724 09:00 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY8014 (2) 09:05 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Iberia IB5708 09:05 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Qatar Airways QR3608 09:05 Scheduled
Toulouse (TLS) easyJet U24850 09:15 Scheduled
Porto (OPO) easyJet U27779 09:15 Scheduled
Toulouse (TLS) Air France AF6137 09:25 Scheduled
Catania (CTA) Transavia TO3809 09:35 Scheduled
Djerba (DJE) Transavia TO8603 09:35 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) TAP Air Portugal TP440 (2) 09:35 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Azores Airlines S48013 09:35 Scheduled
Lisbon (LIS) Azul Linhas Aereas AD7240 09:35 Scheduled
Pau (PUF) Transavia TO7129 09:45 Scheduled
Oujda (OUD) Transavia TO3029 09:45 Scheduled
Marseille (MRS) Air France AF6015 09:45 Scheduled
NIce (NCE) Air France AF6235 09:45 Scheduled
Milan (LIN) ITA Airways AZ356 09:45 Scheduled
Oslo (OSL) Transavia TO7417 09:50 Scheduled
Tlemcen (TLM) Transavia TO7291 09:50 Scheduled
Agadir (AGA) Transavia TO3005 09:55 Scheduled
Algiers (ALG) Air Algerie AH1008 09:55 Scheduled
Alicante (ALC) Vueling VY8323 09:55 Cancelled
Rome (FCO) Vueling VY8274 (3) 09:55 Cancelled
Rome (FCO) Iberia IB5750 09:55 Cancelled
Rome (FCO) LATAM Airlines LA5821 09:55 Cancelled
Rome (FCO) Qatar Airways QR3781 09:55 Cancelled
Madrid (MAD) Iberia IB3400 (3) 09:55 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) LATAM Airlines LA1550 09:55 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Qatar Airways QR6900 09:55 Scheduled
Madrid (MAD) Vueling VY5130 09:55 Scheduled
Casablanca (CMN) Transavia TO3069 10:00 Scheduled
Milan (MXP) Transavia TO3949 10:00 Scheduled
Heraklion (HER) Transavia TO3509 10:05 Scheduled
Porto (OPO) Transavia TO7609 10:05 Scheduled
Sevilla (SVQ) DAT TO4609 10:10 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Vueling VY8016 (2) 10:10 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Iberia IB5710 10:10 Scheduled
Barcelona (BCN) Qatar Airways QR3609 10:10 Scheduled
Puerto del Rosario (FUE) Vueling VY8941 (1) 10:15 Scheduled
Puerto del Rosario (FUE) Iberia IB5828 10:15 Scheduled
Venice (VCE) easyJet U24828 10:15 Scheduled
Copenhagen (CPH) Transavia TO4319 10:15 Scheduled
Sal (SID) Transavia TO3433 10:20 Scheduled
Toulouse (TLS) Air France AF6139 10:20 Scheduled

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Flight Arrivals at Paris Orly Airport

Paris Orly Airport is within 30 minutes of central Paris, the City of Light and Romance. The airport is easily reached with buses, coaches, trains and Metro connections. The A106 route connects the airport with the city. Several car parks inside the airport compound and close to it offer plenty of parking spaces.

Ground Transportation at Orly Airport

Taxi ranks are located via exits from Baggage Reclaim in Arrivals. At Terminals 1 and 2 exit 14a leads to the taxi rank, at Terminal 4 it's exit 48a.

Only taxis officially permitted to pick up are allowed to wait for customers here – bookings can be made inside the terminals. Official taxis carry a lit-up TAXI sign on their roofs. There are two types of taxis, Paris only and Suburban taxis. Fares are usually fixed. For a trip to Gare du Nord for example the cost is 42.00 to 45.00 euros, travelling to the left or right bank of the Seine River costs between 30.00 and 35.00 euros.

RER Line B links the airport with Paris Metro. Tickets for the Metro and local RATP buses can be bought in packs of ten, which is cheaper, but they can also be purchased individually. RER train Line B also links into Orlyval, an automated light Metro service to Antony train station. It stops at Terminals 1 and 2 (entrance 14, Arrivals Level) and Terminal 4 (exit 48). Orlyval runs every 4 to 7 minutes, taking 25 to 35 minutes.

Car rental companies at Orly Airport include Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz and Sixt. At Terminal 1 their counters are at Arrivals Level 0. Car rental Paris Orly Airport is signposted from the Baggage Reclaim areas at all four terminals.

Services and Facilities at ORY Terminals

WiFi access is free in all public areas of Paris Orly Airport. All terminals offer full facilities and services, including shopping, dining and refreshments, car rental counters, Lost Property, Pharmacy and First Aid, restrooms and cash dispensers. From Level 0 it's possible to transfer to other terminals.

Terminals also have baby changing facilities and children's play areas, work spaces for business travelers (Terminal 4) , Tourist Information Points and smoking areas. There are even video games corners (Terminals 3 and 4).
At Terminal 1 the Arrivals Level 0 is split into two areas, shared with Orly Terminal 2. There are 11 baggage carousels, a Border Police office, First Aid, Customs, restrooms and baby area and baggage services. Terminal 1 also has currency exchange and cash dispensers.

Paris Orly Airport Hotels

Hotels connected to ORY by shuttles include Novotel Paris Coeur d'Orly Airport Hotel, which is within half a kilometer's distance, and Ibis Paris Coeur d'Orly Airport Hotel, which is about the same distance from the airport. Other hotels close to the airport include Mercure Paris Orly Tech Airport, Kyriad Hôtel Orly Airport, Comfort Hotel Rungis-Orly and Best Western Plus Paris Orly Airport, which lies within 2 kilometers of ORY and 12 kilometers from central Paris.

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Paris Orly Airport has emerged with a remarkable 13% increase in passenger traffic for September 2023 compared to the same period in 2019, pre-pandemic.